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Barry Fresh Designs

Women-owned Business

Founded in 2014, Barry Fresh Designs is a family-owned small business, located in Spokane Valley, WA. We offer branding, promotional and marketing services, as well as creating exciting and functional custom gifts.

At Barry Fresh Designs, we are passionate about combining our graphic design skills and marketing knowledge to help businesses grow. More specifically, we focus on promoting positive brand recognition, as well as creating proper branding and maintaining a strong brand identity. Thus, helping businesses effectively reach their target market.

Our mission is to provide industry leading services that are unique & tailored to meet the needs of each client, that will allow them to achieve their vision, goals, and succeed in a way that helps them inform, influence & inspire. Thus, facilitating a positive connection with their target market, promoting growth and strong brand awareness.

Bridging the gap between your brand and target market.

1. Creating strong client relationships, allowing us to identify their needs & better serve them.

2. Saving businesses time to focus on other important tasks, by providing branding, promotional and marketing services all under one roof.

3. Helping businesses create and maintain a solid visual foundation that drives who they are and what they do.

4. Help individuals transpire their ideas and vision into a unique design that will meet their needs.

5. We will source promotional products that assist in facilitating proper and clear branding.

6. Ensuring our clients have proper marketing essentials to help them present themselves in a professional manner than encompasses their branding.

7. Create ads and marketing material that are impactful and sustainable, promoting growth.

8. Maintaining a strong brand identity across all social media, websites, branding and marketing material.

9. Branding that encompasses the message they want to convey, the story they want to tell, the look & the feel that best helps them reach their target market and promote a positive connection.

10. Collaborate with local businesses to offer the most to our the clients.

1. Trust and strong client relationships
2. Integrity
3. Honest and open communication
4. Sustainable business practices
5. Debt free operations
6. Learn and grow culture

Spokane Valley, WA

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