Footehills Farm, LLC

Women-owned Business

Veteran Business

Footehills Farm grows exceptionally flavorful herbs, organic herbal tea, and produce in healthy soil near Spokane, Washington.

Thom and Torie Foote founded Footehills Farm because they wanted to eat better, live better, and find new dimensions of flavor within permaculture practice. Footehills Farm is a “sell and sustain” operation; Thom and Torie only sell plants and organic herbal tea they’re willing to eat themselves, and they are pretty picky!

Restaurants and residents of the Spokane area know that Footehills Farm maintains the healthiest soil and that’s why their organic herbs, teas and produce taste so unusually good. Thom and Torie are passionately cultivating expertise in biologically balanced soil, an approach that treasures insects, fungi, and other eco-diversity as valuable partners in the growing process. Footehills plants are stronger, healthier and better for you. Their organic herbal teas boast exceptional flavor that will blow you away.

Footehills Farm operates sustainably under the ethics of permaculture. Care of the Earth, care of people, and sharing the surplus inform permaculture design principles that minimize labor and waste while maximizing growth and productivity.

Many medicinal herbs are available as salves or creams. Many culinary herbs are available as pesto, horseradish, or other sauces and seasonings. Please visit our Farmstand to find out what’s available now. Footehills Farm products are seasonal and small-batch, offerings vary by month.

Restaurants can order produce delivery through LINC. Visit LINCFoods to order delivery to your restaurant now.

Community members can buy produce and herbs by stopping by the farm. Contact Us to make an appointment!

7915 E Cooper Ln, Colbert, WA 99005

(509) 596-0950

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