Matador Digi, LLC

Women-owned Business

LGBTQ-owned Business

We are a local Digital Marketing company specializing in 360° Virtual Tours, an All-In-One Digital Marketing Dashboard, and more. We’re dedicated to helping business owners navigate the new digital norm by optimizing their online presence and providing resources to create an interactive experience for their customers.  We work with  Multifamily, Real Estate, Salons, Car and Boat Dealerships, Cityscape, Retailers, Art Galleries, Rentals, Schools & Universities, and more.

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  1. Business Products/Services
    1. 360° Virtual Tours
      1. Increase your SEO. Keep your customers engaged. Create a connection. Our online virtual tours are a series of 360° panoramic photographs linked together to create an interactive walk-through virtual reality experience. They give the viewer the choice of what to look at in high definition.
    2. Digi Dashboard
      1. The Digi Dashboard is an all in one solution that saves you time and money while increasing your bottom line. We help put you in control of everything your company does all in one space. It includes…
        Testimonial Collector, Social 365, Reputation Manager, Competition Tracker, Report Card Tool, Local SEO Listings, Google Ads Manager, Website Accessibility, A.I. Website Builder, E-Commerce, and Custom Emails @yourbusinessname.com
    3. Graphic Design and White-Glove Service
      1. The top-level is for customer service to be completely customized to each individual. Let us handle the small details while you do what you love and grow your business. Our graphic designers create visually appealing brands, messages, and communications. They help people and businesses get their messages across in ways that are memorable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing. To do this, they work with clients to help translate their goals and ideas into design concepts.

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