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The Tooth Fairy Company

Women-owned Business


Educate * Encourage * Believe
Promoting Smiles & Preventing Tooth Decay

Our vision is to conduct community outreach and education efforts to bring awareness on oral health disparities and cavity prevention.

We are committed to creating new products to connect children and families to the importance of caring for children’s smiles. We welcome the discovering and exploring of new, innovative and creative ways to prevent tooth decay in early childhood. We BELIEVE in public health service. We embrace the social responsibility to ALL children’s oral health. Our focus is to access resources that build collaborations and partnerships of any and all efforts that will; increase knowledge and awareness of early oral health preventive care, improve inequities and access to dental care, to eliminate barriers for vulnerable populations, and to reduce infections, injuries and deaths due to childhood oral health disparities and chronic tooth decay.

Goal & Objective
Our goal is to establish strong community partnerships. Together we can do this work by strategizing community outreach and education efforts to advance creative innovations, tools and resources that support childcare programs, schools, classrooms and communities by bringing awareness so that we are all knowledgeable in the area of oral health concepts and early preventative care.
We are dedicated to the overall Mission, Vision and Goal to eradicate childhood tooth decay disease forever.

207 W. Elcliff Ave. Spokane, WA. 99218

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North Side


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