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B&G Sweet Heat Peppers

What makes B&G Sweet Heat Peppers and Marinade different?   We use all natural ingredients and start with fresh peppers that are topped and sliced just prior to cooking.  Our small batch processing ensures superior quality and flavor.

We offer Sweet Candied Jalapenos and Marinade that will bring the heat!

Our Candied Jalapenos are the perfect balance of heat and sweet. We use them on hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches, in eggs, meat loaf, spaghetti, taco meat, nachos, potato or macaroni salads, burritos, pizza and of course right out of the jar or on a cracker with a little cream cheese.

The Sweet Heat Pepper Marinade is the juice the peppers come in and is perfect for grilling chicken, white fish, or beef. You can use in cornbread or add to stew or soups. Even as a mixer in drinks – our favorite is in a Bloody Mary.

As a self-taught chef, Bob’s favorite features of the peppers and marinade are their versatility –  as you are only limited to your creative and willingness to experiment with them in your culinary dish.

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