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Selective clean services

This service is free. You don’t pay for the service I don’t pay for the items. I am paid by the sales of the items I take from a property. I do not commit to taking everything. This is how I keep it free. I do have preferred junk removal services I am happy to refer when I have taken everything I can if there is still more left.

How does it work?
I go to a property when everything that is wanted by the owners has been taken and an estate needs cleared out. A lot of times this is when people are looking up junk removal phone numbers. They are ready to be done. The good news is I can save a client a large portion of a junk removal bill by removing salvageable items. I have strategic outlets so I can take a wide variety of items others might pass by. I work with a lot of clients moving their parents into a care homes, people moving out of state, death, property management and relators helping their clients save money.

Why this business?
I am passionate about empowering full time families. I am not going to try and convince anyone that is the route they should take but I want to be a hand up for the people who don’t feel like they have that option and so desperately want it. I know the difference for some families could be as little as $200-$500 a month. The way this business works allows individuals lots of flexibility with the time and space they have to reach their own income goals.

Together we could impact the world for good by lowering bills, saving landfills, and supporting full time families.

I am happy to speak to offices and/or bring flyers and business cards to spread the word 🙂

1304 E Carlisle Ave

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