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30-60 Minute Community Acupuncture Treatment

Ponderosa Acupuncture, LLC

Community Acupuncture treatments are provided in a large room where multiple people are receiving treatment at the same time. Needles are placed in the arms & hands, feet, legs, and head – and you remain fully clothed the entire time, resting in a comfortable zero gravity chair for up to an hour. Treatment chairs are spaced out so that you won’t hear too much noise or talking from other treatments occurring around you

The benefit of community acupuncture is that you can receive as many treatments as needed at an affordable price, while sharing healing space with other members of your local community.

Community acupuncture is based on a low cost, sliding scale form of payment. Our rates are $30-60 and you pay whatever you can within that range with no questions asked and with no income verification of any kind.

  • We accept cash, check, and credit/debit card* payments (*additional 3.5% processing fee)
  • There is a one-time paperwork processing fee of $10 for new patients


*Shipping and Taxes may be added during checkout

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