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500 Plops

Biomethane, LLC

Municipal governments have been hit hard by COVID, including Spokane and its surrounding communities. Making an investment in our renewable resources is incredibly important at this time, because down the road they will provide an income stream to help keep our regional amenities running smoothly. Not to mention that the steps we take now will help avert climate change and make our city truly renewable.

Inedible organics and sewage is about as green as it gets. Instead of sending wet food waste to our Waste to Energy plant (where it tends to put a damper on things), let’s reuse what we can for human consumption and turn the rest into energy and compost through the process of anaerobic digestion. Then let’s augment that with the stuff only the bravest want to deal with – sewage from our regional wastewater plants.

Five hundred plops is truly more poo than you can – or would want to – shake a stick at. Your contribution of 500 plops would fund 1/70th of a full feasibility study to move this project forward to the engineering stage, or over one third of the initial legwork to get to the next stage of feasibility and whole-project financing. Thank you for being part of making Spokane not suck!

#spokanedoesntsuck #livelocalinw

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