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BEMER Horse Set Try before You Buy


Only the Best for Your Horse​

Try the BEMER Horse System in the comforts of your own barn for any length of time.  You don’t compromise when it comes to your horse; only the best is good enough. You can feel confident that the BEMER Horse-Set is the ideal addition to your stable. Its innovative design, ease-of-use, and superior construction all make it an elegant, practical solution you (and your horse) will love.​​


  • Developed and manufactured to medical device standards​
  • Optimally adjusts and adapts to your horse​
  • Cordless operation with integrated battery and control unit
  • ​3 different intensive treatment programs (5-10-15 minutes)​
  • Simple and intuitive operation​
  • Works over a sheet or blanket without interference​
  • Washable and easy to clean​
  • Robust and durable – designed for demanding everyday life in the stable
  • Light weight and flexible inductors for maximum comfort​
  • Simple, flexible, and portable, with easy-to-use storage case included​
  • And as always: our 3-year guarantee – a testimony to our faith in our product’s quality.​ Horse with blanket and award iconsCuffs


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