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GeoKidz Creative and Experiment Kit For Kids– STEM base Educational Science Kit for Geology Enthusiasts.


Geology Creative and Experiment Kit by GeoKidz –

Our Geology Creative and Experiment Kit provides a fun and exciting way to learn the basics of geology. This kit includes instructions and materials to perform many exciting geology/STEM-based activities at home.
• Magnetic Slime Lab – create and play with magnetic slime to illustrate properties of magnetism and aid in our discussion of the Earth’s magnetic field. Includes a powerful, rare-earth magnet!
• Grow Your Own Crystal Lab – create a framework and grow your own vibrant crystals!
• Modeling Labs – create models that illustrate the effects of metamorphism, Earth processes along plate boundaries, and more!
• Activity and educational guides full of pictures and information to present experiments that can be done at home to demonstrate important geologic processes!
• Coloring Activities – A coloring book and coloring pencils to practice coloring geologic maps and iconic geologic scenes such as the Grand Canyon and Yosemite Valley!
• Featured mineral – Each kit includes a beautiful, hand-selected mineral and informational card to add to your collections!


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