Little Works – Lindsey Merrell

Spokane Art School

Paper and ink

1.25 x 3″
Lindsey Merrell discovered a delightful tension of old and new while studying both ends of the spectrum – copper plate etching and digital design-during her time at Whitworth University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Printmaking and Graphic Design in 2007. While attending Whitworth, she worked as an Assistant Printer, assisting internationally recognized artists in the creation of their own print editions. Since that time, she has worked as a graphic designer, arts advocate, and teacher, in addition to pursuing her fine art making. Her print and mixed-media artwork focuses on the complexities and humor found in daily interactions and memory. “I believe that fascinating complexities, untapped humor, and utter peculiarity can be found daily, in every interaction, thought, and memory. These moments are each unique, and have the unnerving potential to be uncomfortable, moving, strange or uplifting. That is beautiful. My work centers on such moments. Each piece reflects a true snippet from my life, framed in such a way as to bring these unexpected qualities into focus”.

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