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Biomethane, LLC

This level is for visionaries who believe we can make a sea change in the course of climate change, and want to put their resources behind that. It’s rare to be able to shape one’s community with such direct results, on such a large scale, in a way that’s uniquely local. With your donation, you will help build a project that harvests our regional biodegradable waste and provides long-term on-demand energy and transportation fuel by keeping emissions out of the air. Your contribution will help put in place infrastructure that lightens the environmental footprint of the Spokane region, serving as a model for communities across the US.

Thirty-five such contributions would fund a high-quality $175,000 feasibility study for a renewable natural gas from waste project in Spokane, including bringing numerous stakeholders together, measuring the precise amounts of waste we would be able to divert and process through anaerobic digestion, and having a clear, exact picture of equipment, site prep and pipeline injection costs, revenue streams and return on investment. One such donation would bring us within $2000 of our $7000 early funding goal, bringing key stakeholders together and running a preliminary feasibility estimate that could garner whole-project construction funding.

We have the tools to complete this project, but your support is what gets it off the ground. We value your partnership in leaving a truly green legacy for generations to come in Spokane!

Thank you for investing in the future you want to see.

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