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Philodendron Burle Marx Variegata

Actual Botanical

One of the most sought-after Philodendrons out there, the glorious Burle Marx Variegata! Very hard to find and harder to find variegation like these. The care for the Burle Marx is very easy and low maintenance, you won’t be disappointed!

Light: Bright- Bright direct lighting seems to be best. We have found that due to higher amounts of variegation, they need higher amounts of light for photosynthesis.

Water: Water at least 1x a week, but during summer they will like at least 2 times a week depending on how much light they receive. Remember, more variegation means more light, more light means more water.

Soil: Like all Philodendrons, the soil is very important to maintain a strong healthy plant. They thrive in fast well-draining soils. We use a mix of Perlite, Peat Moss, and Coco coir chunks.


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