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Learn how best to utilize the Live Local INW directory and boost our local economy by supporting area small businesses.

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How live local can support your business

We see you there, working hard to keep your business going and growing. As online and app-based shopping become more and more ubiquitous, keeping up is becoming more and more complicated.

The Local Frequency was created to help you stay in the game.

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business grant opportunities

There is a new grant for BIPOC- and minority-owned businesses for marketing your company with a co-brand of Live Local INW.

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timely content = increased sales

4 quick tips to increase the relevance of your live local listings

Outdated and out of stock items are not a good look. Use these tips to find a shop update rhythm that works for you.

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To further the name of your brand, add our logo to your website and be added to our directory of minority- and women-owned businesses.

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Add any of our logos or brandmarks to your website and other channels to show your Live Local pride.

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